Elder Dempster

Elder Dempster

Elder Dempster is an anointed Nigerian recording artist, singer and a songwriter, an inspiration to many. He is the CEO of Script Concept. He is set apart by his astounding music combining God’s word and great sound that forms his music. He is young, vibrant, enthusiastic and dynamic. Sings about his love for God and the salvation he now enjoys through Jesus Christ.He envisions dynamic worship songs and lively praise tunes which God has been using to bless the church of Christ, restoring joy with his songs of faith, ushering people into the manifest presence of God that will in-turn renew their passion for God and a conquering faith.

Elder Dempster hails from Ekeremor town in Bayelsa State of Nigeria, born in Ibadan, Nigeria and had his primary education at Community Primary School, Ekeremor, Sec education at Mt.St. Michael’s Secondary School, Aliade, Benue State and his tertiary education at Enugu State University of Science and Tech, Enugu where he studied Economics. Also has a Masters degree in Publishing and Copyright Studies from the Prestigious University of Ibadan.

This celebrated Bayelsa born Gospel  Artiste wants to be known for his cross cultural songs.His Debut album, “Tokoni” with hit track (elyon) which is widely accepted and embraced by the masses brought about his celebration and he is now considered as one of the fastest growing Bayelsa based gospel.

This songwriter and record producer started having revelation of songs in the late 90’s and didn’t realise early enough his call into the music ministry until his study days in the University at Enugu when he was enlisted to play with the 82 Division Nigeria Army Band Corp as their lead vocalist between 1999 -2001. And from then started receiving invitations to sing at evangelistic crusades and major Christian conferences and concerts and took up many leadership positions. He has led praise and worship in many churches across the nation and abroad. He has shared the stage with many great gospel music giants such as Ron Kenoly, Lionel Peterson, Alvin Slaughter, Martha Munizi, Asu Ekiye, Dr. Panam Percy Paul and others.

Elder dempster is been celebrated for his traditional gospel creating a style and sound that transcends all boundaries of genre, race, denomination and societal background, composing songs with a passion, imbibing a steady diet of traditional gospel music. Also, I don’t want to put my kind of music into a box and say contemporary or traditional gospel because you have all these different elements about yourself, with the fusion of alternative rock, R&B, hip hop, pop, soul, funk and Gospel. So how would you classify your sound?

Elder Dempster  has passion for people, music & life. On 17 July 2010, Dempster  married Laura in Bayelsa, Nigeria. They are blessed with a girl ‘Abriana’.

Dempster began his gospel career as a solo artist in 2007, with the release of his first album, “Tokoni”. Now, has 4 albums to his credit.